Shake the bad thoughts off and clear your mind with extreme Zen violence.

-Ram your cubicle into the outer walls to damage the Boss.

How to play:
-Dash (SPACE or L-Shoulder Button) into the inner walls to move your cubicle.
-Punch enemies to gather energy (LMB or R-Analog Stick)
-Throw them into the walls to make your cubicle move faster and deal more damage (RMB/ or R-Analog Stick + R-Shoulder Button)

-If you die and press REPLAY, you'll get stuck in the tutorial forever :(

Submission for The Indie Tales Jam. All art, programming and audio was made for this Jam, except for some SFX. Game is a bit buggy :x

Audio: @adoankim
Programming, Art: @ricenoodles
Extra sound effects: opengameart &freesound

Construct 3, Aseprite, Ableton Live


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Wow! A few bugs here and there but this is super fun and the graphics are really nice.