What will you do to bring your daughter back to safety?

Rewinder is a short twin-stick shooter, made for VimJam: Collectables (8 Bits to Infinity). Shoot your way across this strange dimension and rewind your mistakes by saving your daughter's life.

You can play with Keyboard & Mouse (left-handed config. included) or Controller (Xbox One/360 recommended).

Code and Art by @ricenoodles
SFX:  Kenney & Juhani Junkala
Music:  "Stand With Us", "Constellation" and "The Void" by Trevor Lentz
Font: Pixellari by Zacchary Dempsey-Plante

*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*SPOILERS AHEAD*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

-How to obtain the 4th node: https://gyazo.com/23de3b7ef52b5a36d5375c058dc6ff3a

-To unlock the secret ending, you will need a total of 16 nodes. To achieve that, craft the first 15 and head north from your base. At one point, you will see a lonely plant, head WEST from there and you will find the last and secret cluster.  Backtrack to craft your new and last node, and head back north again. Once you reach the final zone, don't activate the capsule and head EAST, you will find there the secret ending.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
TagsAliens, Pixel Art, Space, Twin Stick Shooter


Rewinder_win64.zip 107 MB


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I have started playing and I couldn't stop until I finished.

Good history, good gameplay, addictive, ... Bravo!!

Thank you for your work. I have enjoyed a lot :)

I launched it in my browser and the menu doesn't work. Clicking with a mouse does nothing, pressing arrows does nothing and pressing enter also does nothing.

Same here.

This is hands down the best game jam I've ever played.
It's such a unique and fun concept! I would love to play a full version of this some day.


i cant beat it with my mouse pad


This is one of the best games I've ever played, period. Would love to see a commercial, fleshed out version of this.


I finished playing through this game for the first time, and I am breathless. Its amazing! The story is well told, the mechanic is brilliant and unique, the art looks great, the controls are fine, the music was amazing. Overall, a great game, that I would recommend to anyone looking for a quick game to play.


This game is phenomenal, honestly when these types of game get put out my inspiration level rises exponentially. I'm fairly new to itch (and game development ig) and I find this very impressive for a construct game. Awesome work Rice!!!


Great game! Really enjoyed streaming this game and loved the story behind it! Couple suggestions I would add are you should add like puzzles or like keys around the map to be able to get to the real daughter. Otherwise Great game!


amazing art! And story also some really cool mechanics 

Umm I don't really understand the endings, can you explain them?

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Hey mate, thanks for playing my game!


So for the normal ending, you actually dont rescue your daughter, but an alien clone of her. In the last picture, you can see her eyes suspiciously glowing, and he also notices he hasn't aged in 8 years...!

The true ending, you find her lifeless fossilized. So in reality you could have never saved her.

I know it's a bit confusing, due to lack of time and actual lack of writing skills, I decided to go in a vague way.

Ah okay, thank you.

Excellent game!

Really loved it, but the problem is that my weak laptop is really weak :P


I really liked your game. The art was good, the music was good, and the idea and gameplay was good. The only problem is that my weak computer becomes super laggy but I  guess thats my problem.


Everything about this game is really good but there is a gamebreaking bug in it. If you break a node rock and die before you can collect the node, it disappears which makes it impossible to get to the end because you need 15 nodes.

That is some BAD NEWS, thanks so much for the feedback!!

No problem


This is really good. Like I can barely believe this was made in a week good. Great sound effects and music, a incredibly unique mechanic, and the art is just amazing.  I went ahead and rated this game for the jam and would be delighted if you would return the favor.


Thank you! Really appreciate it.

and you can leave us an ".exe"?


Was about to upload a desktop build but game jam time's up. Sorry!

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okay, no problem.

in the future, will you upload an ".exe"???????

For sure!