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Entry made in 8h for the Mini Jame Gam #11. Theme is Delivery and the Special Object is a Sword.


-Arrows (left and right) to move
-Space bar to Throw items


SFX by Juhani Junkala
Theme song: The Chunker by Defrini


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Why is there even a choice? You can also kill dragons and feed villagers, but you can also feed dragons and kill villagers. It's a great game tho.

Thanks, killing villagers and feeding dragons take away points from your score.

I feel it was lacking feedback on the weapon switch, since it's all about throwing the right stuff at the right target, it felt a bit random to have a certain weapon, align to your target, throw it but the wrong things comes out because it switched without your realizing.

I get that's the point of the game, but there was no real indicator of the timing of the switch, so it mostly felt like things happening while my focus was on the top of the screen. Anyway, the idea is cool, the art and the vibe of the game is great.


Thanks for the feedback. I agree the list of items to throw should have some kind of feedback when switching. I did the game in 8h so everything's kind of half-assed though.

Oh ok didnt know that, so I assume you're not planning on modifying further. Well done for a game made in 8 hours !


This seems to be an original idea, well done!


Simple but fun :)


10/10, Dragons do like sausages tho!